Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

- Matthew 28:19

Meet Joe & Laurie Pachecho

Missionaries To Mazatlan, Mexico
Joe and Laurie Pacheco went to Mazatlan some time ago to temporarily fill in for a Bible study couple who needed to return to the states. Little did they realize that God had much bigger plans for them. God told Joe that he was to build churches in various communities to spread the gospel. And through these churches, he was to train ministers to go out and spread the word that Jesus Christ is real. Now, some 37 years, Joe and Laurie are still doing exactly that.
Joe and Laurie are an incredible team. Joe is the visionary and Laurie is administrator. Joe does the building (literally) and Laurie interprets for the people and performs all the duties in running the church.

"Our Missionary To Africa"

We are blessed to support our friend, and due to unrest in the country, we are keeping things very discreet to protect them and the ministry.

Meet Gino & Steph Espineli

Missionaries To The UK
"Our mission is to reach England in three primary ways: (1) establishing home-based and third-space discipleship ministries, (2) engaging in wider evangelism as field-workers with Greater Europe Mission, and (3) serving on staff at a local English church to support its efforts to engage the surrounding culture with the truth, love, and hope of the Gospel. Our aim is to meet the needs of the people that God brings us to through this tripartite mission and to do our part to fulfill Jesus’ Commission by multiplying disciples and growing and maturing Christ’s church. 

Meet Esther Valenzuela

Casa Estrella in Rosarito, Mexico
After a shocking visit to an orphanage in Tijuana in 2003 with their church from San Diego, Joe and Esther Valenzuela decided that they couldn't ignore the devastating situation of abandoned children in Mexico. Joe recalls "It had conditions that we wouldn't even keep our animals in." They promptly sold their business in San Diego and in 2006 they began Casa Estrella Foundation as part of Lord Loves the Children Foundation. It started with Casa Hogar Estrella: a Christian home, located in Rosarito, Mexico, for girls who have been separated from their families. With Joe and Esther living in the house as foster parents, they make it very clear: "we are not an orphanage; we are a home and a family."
However, the vision has always included education. Too many orphans grow up with little or no schooling and when they leave their orphanages, they don't have the necessary skills to find professional work. In 2012 Casa Estrella Foundation officially opened Colegio Estrella de la Mañana: a Christian school for children in the community as well as for the girls in the home. The school aims to give children and youth the highest standard of education while also teaching them about God's love for them and encouraging them to seek out his plans for their lives.

Meet Kyle & Anna

Missionaries to the Middle East
Kyle and Anna are assisting an existing church plant in the Middle East. The region they will be living in has 400,000+ people and only 0.5% of them are professing Christians. It provides an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with international students from closed countries throughout the African and Middle Eastern region.
Their main ministries will be evangelism, discipleship, English ministry and serving the refugees that live on the church property. 

Hope Leadership Academy

Hope Leadership Academy (HLA)  launched in the Fall of 2010.
Willie Briscoe, Founder of HLA, had first-hand experience of growing up without a father in the home and desired to fill that gap in homes across San Diego County. We are a year-round comprehensive youth ministry that seeks to ensure that youth from fatherless homes in underserved communities receive support, guidance, and a plan to break the cycles of divorce, poverty, and hopelessness.